Atlanta, GA Is Definitely Growing Every Year

Posted on 13 April 2018 (0)

Atlanta is Georgia’s vibrant and bustling capital city, where there is so much to see and do, you could visit time and time again and still not experience everything this brilliant city has to offer. Known for its Southern hospitality, sweet peaches and amazing attractions, it’s the perfect place to have fun.
I started my visit at Centennial Olympic Park in the heart of downtown. Built for the 1996 Summer Olympics, the park is a perfect place to kick off your trip because it’s in close proximity to some of Atlanta’s top attractions. Nearby, the fantastic Georgia Aquarium features a Whale Shark tank, where you have the opportunity to swim with the fish. There are also touch pools housing stingrays. Also, don’t miss the CNN headquarters, where you can take a fascinating tour, and the World of Coca-Cola, where you can learn all about how the drink is made and taste over 60 types of Coke products from around the world.

One of the most photographed landmarks in Atlanta is the Swan House, a beautiful mansion built in 1928. Be sure to stop by for a tour because the Swan House is a showstopper. It was even used as a set during the filming of “The Hunger Games: CatchingFire.”

Atlanta was also home to two Nobel Prize Winners, Martin Luther King Jr. and Jimmy Carter. I visited the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site to learn all about the amazing civil rights leader; I explored his home, saw the church where he peached his tomb. It was a great experience.

Seeing celebrities around the various areas of town is not an unusual occurrence due to the many films and television shows that are shot here. One of the cool neighborhoods where you might see a star and hear some live music is the Virginia-Highland area, which has many great restaurants and bars and has been voted best walkable neighborhood in Atlanta.

Atlanta is a major center of transportation, news and industry. It has the world’s busiest airport and serves as headquarters for several multinational corporations.

Coca-Cola®, for example, was invented in Atlanta in 1886, and now welcomes visitors to its factory/museum. On the World of Coca-Cola tour, visitors get a close-up look at the bottling process, enjoy a thrilling, 4-D movie experience, and can opt to sample more than 60 international beverages produced by the company. Another local icon is CNN, whose global headquarters are based in Atlanta.

Also making a splash is the Georgia Aquarium. Known for its stunning beluga whale and dolphin shows, it’s a 10-million gallon wonderland of undersea fun. It also has water-loving mammals and birds, from cavorting sea otters to parading African penguins.

The Center for Civil and Human Rights, which connects America’s Civil Rights Movement—as well as Atlanta’s pivotal role in that journey—to other human rights struggles around the globe, both contemporary and historical; and the College Football Hall of Fame. The Center for Civil and Human Rights features a rotating exhibition of the personal papers and items of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; the interactive “Spark of Conviction” gallery, which gives guests an understanding of how the struggle for human rights affects every person on the planet; and a re-creation of a Freedom Rider bus and other Civil Rights touchstones.

In Atlanta, fine dining, shopping and rich history combine with attractions to create a city with Southern charm and world-class sophistication. It’s easy to see why Atlanta, Georgia is one of the most popular destinations in the Southeast to visit

Dallas, TX Was An Adventure

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Dallas is Texas’ most mythical city, with a past and present rich in the stuff that American legends are made of. The ‘Big D’ is famous for its contributions to popular culture – notably the Cowboys and their cheerleaders. I think you’re going to find that most of Texas, at least in and near the major cities, is also the same five big box stores over and over again, too. The Dallas suburbs look just like Arlington, Alexandria, or Rockville.
Also, Dallas is a huge city in one of the largest metro areas in the country, so it’s very urban. You’ll find cocktail lounges, sushi restaurants, and wine bars. There isn’t much of the “real Texas” stereotype in that immediate area. Ft. Worth does still have some of it in the Stockyards and Sundance Square areas, and it’s a relatively short drive between the two. If you want to see something different from Dallas, it’s going to be the only place you can really go with your short amount of time.
To see the Texas of old movies and TV shows, you need to drive for hours. The Big Bend region will give you that, but it’s at least an eight hour drive from Dallas. Amarillo, home of the Big Texan Steakhouse from King of the Hill, is about 5 1/2 hours from Dallas. You can get rolling hills and nice scenery a bit closer if you drive down to Central Texas and take a drive through the Hill Country. Austin is about a 3 hour drive from Dallas, and you can get into some nice scenery less than an hour west of Austin, but it’s not desert until you go several more hours west.
I used my pass to visit the GeO-Deck at Reunion Tower, a soaring tower with an interactive 360-degree viewpoint to admire Dallas and surrounding areas. I loved the Dallas Zoo, the oldest and largest zoo in Texas, where I actually got to feed a giraffe! Finally, I stopped at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, easily one of the most beautiful and expansive gardens I’ve visited. The other attraction options are the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. I had a colleague who was a carpet cleaner in Houston and he worked his way up to the top of management for the Bush Library & Museum. He showed me around Dallas and ever since then, I loved it.
Dallas has 20 neighborhoods full of places to explore such as Deep Ellum, with street art and alternative music; the arts district with architectural wonders; and uptown, with chic bars and shopping. The Continental Avenue Bridge has spectacular vistas, and just next door is Trinity Groves, a new center of experimental restaurants.
No matter the taste, Dallas delivers. Trinity Groves, a trendy food mecca just west of downtown, features everything from barbecue, sushi and Spanish tapas to Southern comfort food and burgers. Deep Ellum offers bites of delicious Texas barbecue while Tex-Mex favorite restaurants like Meso Maya give you margaritas in every option – savory or sweet, frozen or on the rocks; two may be in order if you can’t decide. Also , on the shores of White Rock Lake, this gorgeous 66-acre arboretum showcases plants and flowers in theme gardens such as the Sunken Garden and the Woman’s Garden. Expect to see a lot of wedding parties posing for pictures amid the posies. During the spring wildflower season it gets so mobbed that nearby streets are closed.

Staying safe when you as a woman, is traveling solo

Posted on 26 March 2018 (0)

There are benefits and problems that you should know about when you are traveling solo. Especially if you are a woman that is considering traveling, but you are looking to do it without any safety problems. It is important to make sure that you are staying safe when you are traveling solo, and the only way that you can do this is if you are remembering these safety tips.

Don’t walk with your valuable around

The first thing that you need to know is that you should keep your valuables safe. You don’t walk with it unless you don’t have another choice. If you are walking with your valuables around, you are going to have a chance to get robbed. And, then you are going to be in trouble.

Especially, if you were walking with all your money in cash. It is important to make sure that you are keeping your valuables safe. And, don’t take any unnecessary valuable items with you when you are traveling.

Make sure that people don’t see that you are a tourist

In certain countries, especially if you are a woman, you don’t want to show people that you are a tourist. This is because in a couple of countries you are going to be a target if you are a tourist. They are taking advantage of tourists, and they might even try to rob you.

You should wear what the locals are wearing and you should make sure that you are speaking their language if possible. Don’t ever tell anyone that you are a tourist if you don’t know for sure that you are going to be safe.

Knowing where you are going

In any country, there are parts that are unsafe and where your safety might be at risk. This is why you should make sure that you know where you are going. You need to know for sure that you aren’t going into the danger parts of the country or city.

And, if you are lost, rather use a map to get you out of there. Don’t ask for assistance, if you aren’t sure that you are still going to be safe.

Don’t let other people know that you are traveling alone

It is easy to see when someone is traveling alone. They look lost. If you want to make sure that you are staying safe, you should not let other people know or see that you are traveling alone. Traveling and walking with a group of people is the best way to pretend that you aren’t alone.

It can be great to travel alone, even if you are a woman. However, you still need to know that you might have some safety risks because you are traveling alone as a woman. With these tips, you will know for sure that you are traveling safely and that you are able to enjoy every moment of it.